7 tips on how to buy a new mattress

It’s often difficult finding where to start and knowing what’s right for you when choosing a new mattress. It’s an important decision! To help make the process of mattress shopping a little easier, we’ve come up with 7 useful tips to ensure you sleep better with the right bed.

Are there any health issues affecting your sleep?

The latest mattress technology is designed to help provide enhanced comfort and reduce your aches and pains. Make suffering from back pain, sore hips or shoulders a thing of the past - Let a sales member know what help you need. 

Size matters - Here’s why

Having more room in bed increases your quality of sleep and if you’re sharing your bed with someone then you both need enough space. For less partner disturbance the bigger the bed, the better. For two people, we suggest a King or Super King sized mattress is best. However, we understand that budget and room size matters so two people should at least have a Queen. 

Not Always One Size Fits All

From a rugby player to a ballet dancer, we’re all built different and we all sleep differently. Our Perfect Sleeper and Wool Collection ranges are designed with firmer feels to allow for you to customize your sleep with a softer or gel-infused topper that gives you a feel that suits you. 

Dress for Success

Trying in-store can be a little unnerving but it’s the only way to really know what feels best for you! Start out by wearing something loose fitting and comfy - similar to your PJ’s. It also helps to wear footwear that’s easy to take off as you might want to remove them when trying out the bed.

The Right Way to Try Before You Buy

How do you usually sleep? On your side, back or tummy? When trying out a bed in-store, you should try it by lying on the mattress the same way as you normally sleep. Give it a good 5-10 minutes to really test if the mattress is a good fit for you. Make sure you have the right comfort and support, even try a topper on top. Finding what feels naturally comfortable and relieves your pressure points is the aim to find what suits you.

It Takes Two

Like trying a bed out in the right position, you also should try it out with your sleeping partner. How you both feel and fit on the bed will determine how much space you need or what comfort and support suits you both. While both on the bed, in turns, move positions while the other person lies in their sleeping position. This tests for partner disturbance, the more you move, the more likely your partner might disrupt your sleep. 

Pillows Make a Difference - Try One when trying a Bed

The pillow provides vital support for your head, neck and shoulders while your mattress supports your body. It’s essential to test a mattress with a pillow to ensure correct body alignment. The Perfect Sleeper Pillows come in Memory Foam and Down Alternative with different feels and profiles to suit your sleeping position and comfort needs. Try one out when trying out the bed in-store

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