What mattress size is best for me?

What Does a Quality Sleep Mean?

A good quality sleep is important for your wellbeing. As a vital role in restoring and healing your body, your health is affected when you’re not sleeping well. If you have sleeping problems or often feel tired during the day, check the quality of your mattress. Assess if your mattress actually fits you or if it’s supporting you right. There’s no fixing a mattress that’s the wrong size or has the wrong support for you. Maybe it’s time to get a new mattress and size up as size matters for a good quality sleep. 

What to consider when choosing a new mattress

There are three key questions to ask when thinking about which bed size to get:

1. How many people will be sleeping in the bed with you?

2. What size is the person you'll be sharing it with?

3. Will your kids join you in bed?

How tall you are and what you weigh matters when determining the size of mattress that fits you best. You or your partner don’t want to feel cramped when you sleep and a bigger mattress size can help that. 

Generally, the smallest mattress we suggest for a couple is a Queen. This is to help avoid being disrupted while you sleep by your partner moving during the night. However, if you or your partner are bigger, then a larger mattress like a Super King is recommended. 

It’s important to remember that a Super King is the size of two Single mattresses together, so keep this in mind when choosing a mattress that feels the most comfortable. So, if you’re a couple and sleeping on a mattress smaller than a Super King, you’re essentially sleeping with less space than a child Single mattress. 

Single Bed Size:

Single 91cm x 188cm: perfect as the ‘first real bed’ for your kids

Long Single Bed Size:

Long Single 92cm x 203cm: great for tweens

King Single Size:

King Single 107cm x 203cm: for teens that are taller or a perfect spare bed for one adult guest

Long Double Bed Size:

Long Double 137cmx203cm: longer for teens or adults that are a little taller than usual

Queen Bed Size:

Queen 153cm x 203cm: absolute minimum recommended size for two people

King Bed Size: 

King 167cm x 203cm: a good amount of room and long enough for a standard couple

Super King Bed Size:

Super King 183cm x 203cm: The bigger the better! Perfect in a large bedroom and roomier than a King

The needs of kids and teens change as they grow, often their bed size needs changing too. As most children start on a single mattress, it’s often forgotten that there are sizes available that can be sized up. Our Long Single, King Single and Double Mattress sizes provide more room for your child to grow. 

When signs of fatigue show on your kids mattress it’s the sign to replace it. These signs tend to show up within 8-10 years of owning it. Coincidentally, if you originally bought one when they were a toddler, this happens to be perfect timing for when your child needs a new size upgrade. 

Regardless of who’s sleeping in the bed with you, making sure to have the right size mattress is one of the most important factors when investing in your sleep. As a key determiner, size really does matter when it comes to quality sleep. Next time you’re looking for a mattress, don’t rush to buy one in the same size that you’ve always had, think about what actually fits you and you’ll be sleeping better in no time!

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