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Serta-fied comfort made easy for busy Kiwi's

Sourced Locally
Allergy and Asthma Friendly
NZ Shipped
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Perfect Sleeper

Serta Mattress

Serta Mattress

From box to bed in minutes! The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress allows you to buy in store, take it home and have it ready to be slept on once unpacked. From single to super king, this mattress is perfect for the whole family.

Cloud Foam
Using Cloud Foam, the Serta Mattress has a high density support core which is manufactured in New Zealand in a way to improve air quality and reduce pollutants, this award winning Cloud Foam provides pillowy comfort, cradling you with extra support.
Kiwi Comfort
Most Kiwi's prefer a medium feel mattress and we've created our NZ made mattress to match. Start with our medium feel mattress for a supported sleep or grab yourself a Serta Cloud topper if you're wanting that extra level of comfort.
Try, Buy, Take Home
Buy online or in-store, our Perfect Sleeper Mattress is designed with convenience in mind. Try in-store, buy in-store and take home. No wait times, no uncertainty and no hassle! We've even packaged our mattress sustainably with no plastic nasties to give you peace of mind.
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Serta Cloud Top

Serta Cloud Top

The Serta Cloud Top is made in New Zealand using advanced memory foam to give your mattress a luxurious and softer feel. With sustainability in mind, we’ve engineered a machine washable recycled polyester knit cover to keep your topper fresh and clean. We’ve also developed our new Serta+Connect system to ensure your Serta Cloud Topper will stay in place throughout the night.

Memory Foam
Sink into comfort with the Serta Cloud Topper. Our NZ made memory foam is designed to hug you at night in all the right places so that you wake up with less aches and pains.
The Serta Topper has been constructed with the Serta+Connect system to make sure it stays on top of your mattress. You won't see any skirtings here, the Serta+Connect uses easy to use straps and velcro pads to ensure there's no wiggle room.
Good for you and the Environment
We've designed our Cloud Topper to help your health and aid in sustainability. By treating our memory foam with anti-allergy protection we’re keeping you and your family safe. And, to fight against single use plastic, we've created a machine washable cover with a recycled polyester knit fabric to keep your topper fresh and clean while doing our part for the environment.
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Serta Bed Base

Serta Bed Base

A quick and easy bed base solution ready in 5 minutes. Perfect for the yearly flat move or spare room. The Serta Bed Base supports you and is built to last. You could take it anywhere!

Ready in 5
Created with time in mind, this base can be quickly assembled and ready in 5 minutes. Easy to set up and pack down. Some say, you don't even need to look at the instructions!
Strengthened support
Our slats are strengthed with laminated timber to ensure our base provides support that is strong and reliable. The slats are wrapped in breathable fabric to protect your mattress, add comfort and for ease of assembly.
Perfect for all spaces
Packaged in 2 boxes for the ultimate convenience. We've made sure the Serta Kitset Base can effortlessly be taken home by car and moved around your home. You'll be able to navigate tight corners or small spaces with ease. Perfect for apartments or the spare room.
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Serta Pillows

Serta Pillows

Our Serta Pillows are made in New Zealand for New Zealanders. We’ve used advanced materials to provide comfort while caring for your health by being allergy and asthma friendly. With two comfort options, you’ll find your perfect fit for your perfect sleep.

Memory Foam
Serta's Memory Foam Pillows are NZ made using advanced memory foam with ventilation for temperature control and breathability. We have engineered a recycled polyester knit cover and treated it with an anti-microbial to protect it against allergens for a healthier night's sleep. Available in Classic and Contour Profiles.
Down Alternative Fibre
With high loft balled fibre pods made from recycled plastic bottles, our Down Alternative Fibre Pillow mimics the luxurious feel and softness of a traditional down pillow. It is machine washable with a 100% cotton cover to keep your pillow fresh. We use an anti-microbial to protect your pillow against mould, mildew and bacteria. Available in Soft, Medium and Firm feels.
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Product Specifications

The Perfect Sleeper Range provides the perfect sleep with comfort and convenience in mind. From trying in store, to taking your new bed home, Serta’s Perfect Sleeper range is as quick as bed buying gets.

  • The Perfect Sleeper Range

    Each mattress, base and topper comes in a range of sizes to suit the family. With our Memory Foam or Down Alternative pillow ranges, you’ll be able to find your perfect fit.

  • Measurements and Dimensions

    Short Single: 91cm W x 188cm L
    King Single: 107cm W x 203cm L
    Long Double: 137cm W x 203cm L
    Queen: 153cm W x 203cm L
    King: 167cm W x 203cm L
    Super King: 183cm W x 203cm L

  • Where to Buy

    The Serta Perfect Sleeper is in a Briscoes store near you. Search for us in-store!

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I unpack my Serta Mattress?

    Unpack your Serta Mattress in four easy steps.

    1. With help, lay the box on its side.
    2. Remove your Perfect Sleeper mattress from the box.
    3. Carefully snip and tear away the cotton surround while making sure not to cut your mattress.
    *Take care when unwrapping your mattress as it may unroll itself quickly once released.
    4. Your mattress will be ready in minutes but may take up to 72 hours to fully recover from being compressed.

  • How do I connect my topper to my mattress?

    “There are two ways your Serta Cloud Top can be attached.

    If your Serta mattress is Serta+Connect enabled, please:
    – Locate the Serta+Connect pads on the underside of your mattress
    – Locate the straps on your Serta Cloud Top and separate the two sides of the Serta+Connect pads at the end of the straps
    – Connect the Serta+Connect pads from your Serta Cloud Top with the pads on the underside of your Serta mattress. Make sure there is no slack when the topper is sitting in its final position.

    If you’re attaching your Serta Cloud Topper to your regular mattress, please:
    – Place your Serta Cloud Top on your bed, measure the approximate location the Serta+Connect straps on your topper will reach under your mattress.
    – Remove the film covering the adhesive side of the Serta+Connect pads at the end of the straps.
    – Using the adhesive, connect the Serta+Connect pads to the underside of your mattress. Make sure, when the Serta Cloud Top is in its final position, the there is no slack in the straps. “

  • Can I try the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress in store?

    YES! Yes, you can. Our mattresses are available to try out in selected Briscoes stores. If you’re still not sure if you’ll like it, try it at a store near you before you buy. While there, you can also try out our pillows and topper to see what works best for you!

  • Do I need to flip my mattress?

    Rotate your mattress every 2 weeks for the first 3 months, then rotate every 3 months after that.

  • When should I replace my mattress?

    A good quality mattress should last 8-10 years however you may need to replace your mattress more frequently as your sleep requirements change.

    Over time you may find that you’re not getting the same quality of sleep you used to. Changes in quality of sleep can be due to wear and tear on your mattress, but can also be due to physiological changes or changes in your sleep environment.

    If your mattress is less than 8-10 years old and you’re finding you’re not sleeping as well as you used to, it might be time to investigate a new mattress that better fits your needs.

  • Can the Serta Mattress be put back into the box?

    Unfortunately, once released from the packaging, it cannot be re-compressed back into the box.

  • Is there a warranty on the Perfect Sleeper range?

    Yes there is! Rest easy with a 5 year warranty on the Perfect Sleeper range

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