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Serta Toppers

Give your mattress an upgrade with Serta’s Super-Plush topper. You’ll feel supported with cushioned softness that lasts throughout the night using perfect fit skirting.

Extra Softness
Our Super-Plush topper uses New Zealand made memory foam to mould and shape to your body. The extra plush and softer feel help to relieve pressure points to give you a comfier and more supported sleep.
Allergy Friendly
To protect you and keep our topper fresh, we've treated our memory foam with an anti-microbial as a defence against any triggers that can cause asthma and allergic reactions. Rest easy knowing you and your family are safe with anti-allergy protection.
Comfort cover
We've got you covered with a cotton sateen cover and perfect fit skirting around the edge of our Super-Plush Memory Foam Topper. The 100% Sateen Cotton cover gives a soft and smooth feel. To fit your mattress perfectly, our skirting is designed with an extra strong elastic so that your topper stays in place.
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Serta’s Gel-Infused Memory Foam Topper has all the softness and support of our Memory Foam topper with the added temperature support technology of gel infusion. For the warmer sleeper, try our gel infused topper to help manage excess body heat.

Gel-infused Heat Transfer
If you're a hot sleeper, Serta's Gel-Infused Topper is a heat regulating layer that’s been designed to absorb, store and release thermal energy and give you a cooler sleeping surface.
Allergy Friendly
We've treated our memory foam with anti-allergy protection to keep you and your family safe. An anti-microbial treatment acts as a defence against asthma and allergy causing triggers.
Comfort cover
To ensure your mattress topper stays in place and feels comfortable, the Gel-Infused Memory Foam topper has a 100% Sateen Cotton cover and a Perfect Fit skirt. Your topper will fit perfectly with extra strong elastic designed to keep movement to a minimum.
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The Serta Cloud Top is made in New Zealand using advanced memory foam to give your mattress a luxurious and softer feel. With sustainability in mind, we’ve engineered a machine washable recycled polyester knit cover to keep your topper fresh and clean. We’ve also developed our new Serta+Connect straps and pads to ensure your Serta Cloud Topper will stay in place throughout the night.

Memory Foam
Sink into comfort with the Serta Cloud Topper. Our NZ made memory foam is designed to hug you at night in all the right places so that you wake up with less aches and pains.
The Serta Topper has been constructed with the Serta+Connect system to make sure it stays on top of your mattress. You won't see any skirtings here, the Serta+Connect uses easy to use straps and velcro pads to ensure there's no wiggle room.
Good for you and the Environment
We've designed our Cloud Topper to help your health and aid in sustainability. By treating our memory foam with anti-allergy protection we’re keeping you and your family safe. And, to fight against single use plastic, we've created a machine washable cover with a recycled polyester knit fabric to keep your topper fresh and clean while doing our part for the environment.
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Product Specifications

Give your mattress an update with a Serta topper. Using quality NZ made memory foam and cooling technology we’ve made the best bed tech affordable for all New Zealanders.

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use a mattress topper?

    Mattress toppers are a great option to add extra comfort to your bed without having to buy a whole new bed.

    It’s easy to place and use your mattress topper, just follow these tips:
    – Firstly, remove any sheets or mattress protectors from your bed.
    – As the Serta mattress toppers are made with memory foam, you’ll need to unpack your new topper and allow it to expand fully.
    – Once, fully expanded, position your mattress topper directly on top of your mattress so that it’s centered.
    – Fit your skirting around your mattress to secure the topper in place.
    – Finally, put your any protectors, sheets or bedding you need.

    Voila! Get ready for a softer sleep on your “new” bed.

  • What is the firmness of Serta's mattress toppers?

    Each of our mattess toppers add a soft super-plush feel to any mattress. We achieve this comfy and supportive feel through our open cell NZ made high density memory foam.

  • What thickness is best for a mattress topper?

    Comfort preference is very personal. When you shop for a topper, take your time and either lie down on it or give it a good squeeze to determine what feels best for you. Our mattress toppers are around 5cm deep to not give too much height but still provide the moulded support your body needs.

  • Can I use an electric blanket with Serta toppers?

    Yes you can! Our toppers can be used with an electric blanket for extra comfort and warmth.

  • Can I wash the topper cover?

    Yes you can! Our 100% cotton sateen covers are machine washable to keep your mattress topper fresh and clean.

  • What's the difference between a hot and cold sleeper?

    Tossing, turning and waking up throughout the night can be attributed to how hot or cold your body gets while you’re asleep. If you’re struggling to sleep because of this, you’ll wake up feeling groggy with aches and pains.

    The difference is in the name, if you feel like you’re too cold, you might be a cold sleeper and you might need a little more padding on your bed to warm you up. And, if you get too hot in the night (most commonly felt in summer) or you wake up in a sweat, you’ll need to find ways to regulate your temperature. Our Gel-Infused Memory Foam Topper helps to manage excess body heat which can help to cool you down.

  • Is there a warranty on Serta's toppers?

    Yes there is! Rest easy know your topper is covered by a 5 year warranty.