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Wool Collection

Wisconsin (Medium)

Wisconsin (Medium)

Expertly crafted using natural materials and industry-wide technology, the Serta Wisconsin mattress is built with you and the environment in mind. Tailored to have a medium feel for the everyday Kiwi. Rest easy in New Zealand made natural comfort.

Woolen Quality
We’ve designed the Wisconsin with a wool and nuvole fibre top layer for comfort and breathability. The use of natural fibres provides a drier and healthier sleeping surface to keep you and your family safe.
Cushioned Comfort
The Serta Wisconsin features a New Zealand made comfort layer foam created in a way to reduce pollutants and improve air quality while providing your body the support it needs.
Undisturbed Sleep
Engineered with individually wrapped springs for an undisturbed sleep. Each spring cradles your body, giving you the support needed to relieve aches and pains.
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Dakota (Medium)

Dakota (Medium)

We’ve combined the best of the best in support and comfort with the Serta Dakota mattress. With natural latex and pocket spring layers, you’ll benefit from the natural durability and support of latex and the breathability and low disturbance of pocket spring mattresses.

Woollen Softness
With a wool and nuvole fibre top layer, you’ll sleep on a drier and healthier surface. Our NZ wool provides all the comfort of a fuzzy sheep while still being breathable and hypoallergenic.
Natural Comfort
The Serta Dakota uses naturally sourced Latex Gold to support your entire body. As a natural rubber comfort layer with no additional chemicals, it is hypoallergenic, dust free and non-toxic. Keeping you safe while providing natural comfort.
Pocket Spring Support
To support you throughout the night with low partner disturbance, the Dakota comes with individually-wrapped pocket springs. Sleep soundly, no matter who's tossing or turning throughout the night.
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Alaska (Firm)

Alaska (Firm)

Taking the best from the Wisconsin, our Serta Alaska mattress provides more support and firmness without comprimising on comfort or sustainability. Using wool and engineered technology, you’ll wake up with less aches and pains.

Natural Wool
Enjoy natural comfort that breathes with the Serta Alaska. We’ve designed our mattress with a NZ Wool and Nuvole fibre top layer to help release humidity and eliminate “hot spots”.
Reinforced Pocket Spring
The Alaska features heat tempered pocket springs that supports and conforms to your body. Engineered with an independent and individually wrapped spring system for less sleep disruption.
Full Back Support
Perfect for the back or stomach sleeper, this extra firm Alaska mattress provides full-body support without too much cushioning. Ideal for when there’s more weight on the bed or for sleepers with lower back pain.
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Product Specifications

The Serta Wool Collection takes the best from nature and delivers sustainable and environmentally friendly comfort. Harnessesing the best qualities from natural latex and New Zealand wool, you’ll sink into comfort with a clear conscience.

  • The Range

    The Serta Wool Collection range comes in a variety of sizes to suit the whole family. Get wrapped in natural comfort in a bed made for you.

  • Measurements and Dimensions

    Short Single: 91cm W x 188cm L
    Long Single: 91cm W x 203cm L
    King Single: 107cm W x 203cm L
    Long Double: 137cm W x 203cm L
    Queen: 153cm W x 203cm L
    King: 167cm W x 203cm L
    Super King: 183cm W x 203cm L

  • Where to Buy?

    Serta’s Wool Collection is available in the Back to Bed store in Christchurch.

Product Specifications


  • Do Serta mattresses contain any harmful chemicals?

    Of course not, we wouldn’t sell it to you if there were! Our beds are proudly made in New Zealand by The Comfort Group who have been in the bed business for over 85 years. Our products are made to industry standards, with the highest quality materials and contain no nasties.

  • Which is the best mattress to use if you have allergies?

    Our entire Wool Collection range is great for those with allergies due to the wool used in each mattress. However, if you’re looking for extra anti-allergen protection, we suggest our Dakota mattress for it’s hypo-allergenic, dust free and non-toxic Latex Gold layer.

  • What are the measurements of your mattresses?

    They say bigger is always better, but it’s always best to consider your needs and available space before jumping into a King size mattress. Below you’ll find the sizes and dimensions of all Serta’s range of mattresses.

    Single 92cm (W) x 188cm (L)
    Long Single 92cm (W) x 203cm (L)
    King Single 107cm (W) x 203cm (L)
    Double 138cm (W) x 188cm (L)
    Long Double: 137cm (W) x 203cm (L)
    Queen 153cm (W) x 203cm (L)
    King 183cm (W) x 203cm (L)
    Super King 204cm (W) x 203cm (L)

  • Why do I need to rotate my mattress?

    Rotating your mattress every two weeks for the first four months, then every three months thereafter helps ensure that your mattress is wearing evenly and helps minimise the dipping that naturally occurs in some mattresses.

  • What is the feel of your mattress?

    Every person has their own definition of how they feel mattress firmness. We would strongly recommend trying out the mattress in-store in a Back to Bed in Christchurch to find out which feel of bed suits you.

  • What are the benefits of latex in a mattress?

    Using the Dunlop process, our Latex Gold is denser and more durable with a better feel.

    Without any additional chemicals, our latex layer harnesses all the benefits of natural latex, which includes:
    – Hypoallergenic
    – Antibacterial
    – Antifungal
    – Dust mite resistant
    – Resistant towards mildew and mould
    – Sustainable

  • Is there a warranty on the Wool Collection range?

    Yes there is! Rest easy with a 10 year warranty for Serta’s Wool Collection mattress range.

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