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As one of the world's leading mattress brands, Serta is bringing it's expertise in sleep to Kiwi homes. We've taken our customer-centric approach and designed our Perfect Sleeper and Wool Collection ranges to suit Kiwis by making them here in Aotearoa.

Locally made

Bringing our best to New Zealand

Pioneering in comfort since 1931, with the Perfect Sleeper® mattress, Serta has brought quality sleep across the world to over 150 countries. With more than 90 years delivering superior comfort, we’ve learnt a few things along the way and we might’ve taught the industry a few things too.

Currently, we’re one of the leading manufacturers in the United States and we’re one of the top 5 leading mattress brands in the world. We’ve become one of the best by listening to our customers and tailoring what we do to what people want. We know no one likes a tall poppy, but when comfort is everything, quality comfort speaks for itself.

Now, after all these years, we’ve finally made our way to the bottom of the earth and we’re happy to be here! We’ve brought our mattress knowledge and skills to Aotearoa and partnered with some Kiwis to add a touch of your No.8 wire ingenuity. Harnessing the best NZ can offer, we’ve crafted quality, locally made comfort for our ranges. To ensure every Kiwi can have access to Serta-fied comfort, you’ll find our ranges throughout New Zealand at your local Briscoes or specialist bed retailer.

Serta History

What’s with the sheep?

Our Serta Counting Sheep were fence jumping champions in their heyday. You could always count on them to put you to sleep. However, when Serta created our Perfect Sleeper mattress, there was no need to count sheep and demand for their services waned. The Counting Sheep herd protested against the comfort that Serta provides and plotted to thwart our mattress production. To maintain peace, we offered for them to join us as our experts in quality sleep and Serta-fied comfort.

Today, as our comfort experts they are masters in quality wool, dreamy support and pillowy softness. They know a good mattress when they see one and herd around to promote its comfort. They’ve come all the way to the long white cloud, not only because they heard we have over 26 million sheep, but because they’ve been seconded for a new modeling gig with our friends at Briscoes. Spot them in store and shop for our ranges.

Counting Sheep Baaackstory

At Serta we care about the environment and we’ve been working on reducing, reusing and recycling our plastic usage within our products and packaging.

To reduce our use of plastics, we’ve introduced the use of more natural materials to our pillows and mattresses. With a natural 100% cotton cover on our Down Alternative Pillow, Gel-Infused Topper and Memory Foam Topper, we’ve been able to create a softer, more breathable and durable protective solution. We’ve used wool in our Wool Collection range as a comfort layer for a drier and healthier natural sleeping surface.

We reuse plastics by using recycled polyester threads in our Down Alternative Pillow filling and in the knit fabric cover of our Memory Foam Pillow and Cloud Topper. By using recycled polyester, per pillow we are saving up to 24 PET bottles from the landfill.

To help recycle, we’ve made some elements in our packaging home compostable or recyclable through the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme. Before being a tidy Kiwi, please make sure to check the packaging on your Serta item when recycling it.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

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